Fast, Affordable and Professional B2B Local Delivery – Rapidus – Now Seamlessly Integrated With Slack Workspace

‘Rapidus’ Forms Strategic Partnership With ‘Slack’ – Fast, Affordable and Professional B2B Local Delivery Technology Now Seamlessly Integrated With Slack Workspace to Help Companies Overcome Pandemic Delivery Challenges

Rapidus ( recently announced a strategic partnership with communication hub, Slack, to provide same-day local delivery service for over 12 million Slack business users. Accessed directly from the Slack Workspace, Rapidus offers integration without the need to use a separate app or Web service, empowering Slack users with convenient tools to fulfill their delivery needs despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Rapidus deliveries are available anywhere in California; Colorado; Seattle, Washington; Dallas, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois; with new service areas added regularly.

Featuring instant quotes, one-hour, and same-day service with digitally tracked drivers, Rapidus represents the power of tech leveraged to help businesses thrive.

“We’re thrilled to announce this partnership with Slack, giving its business users even more access to valuable functionality,” said Olexandr Prokhorenko, CEO of Rapidus. “Both companies are tech and process innovators – importance that has been thrown into sharp focus by a recent global pandemic straining small and mid-sized companies to the breaking point. Clear communication and rapid and safe delivery of goods has never been more vital to keep businesses growing. And Rapidus and Slack offer both together with the touch of a button: fully synchronized and designed to be used interchangeably with reliable cross-device functionality.”  

Rapidus: Professional Business Same-Day Delivery Reimagined

“Most delivery services have remained shockingly static, despite massive tech evolutions and investment in the sector,” Prokhorenko said. “And service quality varies widely from carrier to carrier. Even the largest carriers are only scratching the surface of what tech can achieve for their customers. We’ve been leveraging tech and productized local deliveries to be as easy as a text message or a Web page click. A typical Rapidus experience looks something like this: send a message to a Rapidus app via Slack, get an instant price quote and estimated time for arrival, request a courier delivery service, and have a driver arrive within 20 minutes or less to take packages or documents wherever they need to be delivered. You get a full chain of custody, track packages status right in the Workspace, oversee real-time GPS coverage of the delivery vehicle, and receive photos of the delivered. This is possible because of a massive network of delivery partners to help us reach all of our coverage areas. We have over over 10,000 active delivery partners that support thousands of our clients, including hundreds of SMB and mid-size companies through our partnership with Shopify.”

Reviews from Rapidus business customers have always been strong, with nearly 98% of users describing the company as “the most optimal solution to a local delivery problem with the best customer experience – exceeding expectations.” Some of Rapidus’s current tech clients include Palantir, Snowflake, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Splunk, Pinterest, Google, Lyft, JFrog, and Unity. 

Using its growing connections with SMB, mid-sector, and Fortune 500 companies, Rapidus will continue to provide excellent delivery solutions to meet the rising demands of an industry seeking a massive delivery service evolution.

About Rapidus

Established in 2016, Rapidus was founded to challenge the business delivery status quo with innovation and unmatched focus on business customers. Offering a vast network of professional delivery partners with unused cargo capacity, Rapidus matches them to business customers who need delivery services in its growing, multi-state service area. Connected via technology with local and global destinations, drivers within targeted neighborhoods continuously recycle unused ground and air transport capacities to establish solid, reliable deliveries anywhere in the service area — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Rapidus delivery marketplace offers a low cost of carrier switching with a greater choice of delivery agents, complete visibility at every step of a supply chain, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and a seamless experience. For more information on Rapidus, please visit:

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