What types of service does Rapidus provide?

We have 3 tiers for delivery service.

Delivery service


The item can be picked up and delivered anytime between 9 am and the end of the day.  Basically, the more time we have to plan the delivery for, the cheaper price you get.

Don’t have the full day, but still want to get cheaper pricing? No problem. Specify the earliest pickup time, and select same-day service, and Rapidus will automatically discount your delivery.


Typically delivery within 2-4 hours from the pickup time, of course, contingent on destination. For short-haul, it is never more than 2-4 hours once the item has been picked up, and you can specify any pickup time.


We’ll match you with the closest delivery partner to your pickup, he/she will pick up, and delivery directly to a drop-off location. Typically, it’s driving time and traffic. (We can’t beat traffic, unfortunately.)

Scheduled deliveries and routes

While all our deliveries have to happen during the same day (typically, our delivery partners are unable to hold to the package and keep it overnight), you may schedule your delivery for any time in the future, ie. tomorrow 8 am pickup, or next week, Monday, 10 am pickup.

Do you have a need to store your items overnight? We’re launching a new pilot program that would allow delivery partners to store items overnight and would love to chat. Please schedule time for the call.

You may also have a single pickup and multiple stops: 2, 5, or even 15. Most of our customers tend to collect orders and delivery requests until some certain cutoff time, and then schedule deliveries for the next day. The resulting multi-stop delivery is scheduled for 8 am or 9 am pickup, and the driver picks all the packages at once, and goes through the list of drop-offs in the most time effective order.

Oh, and you never have to worry about a proper order of stops – our system will optimize it for you automatically. You can either manually input a list of stops or upload a simple CSV spreadsheet to our system, so we can create routes from the list auto-magically!

Looking for assistance?

We are happy to walk you through a sample delivery request and we can place it together. Contact us if you would like that!