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Courier Service

Nowadays, there is no time for late or lengthy courier services, a delivery must be made efficiently and at a fair price point to match your business and personal needs. That’s why Rapidus provides one hour and same day courier services for all of your business needs.

Founded in 2015, the company’s goal is addressing the inefficiencies of delivery services. Rapidus provides scheduled, routed local deliveries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for California, Colorado and Washington.

Some of our most popular services are:
● Four hour messenger service: Low priced and allows for later pickup times
● Two hour delivery rush: A fast, reliable option when time is short
● Nonstop messenger service: Direct delivery and pickup service for times of emergency
● Medical and dental routes: OSHA compliant and HIPAA trained drivers with total chain of custody record keeping

Our courier services are trusted by our customers. A medical school customer reports: “Rapidus is an excellent courier solution for us! We used traditional couriers before and were always frustrated with lack of visibility, high cost and inconvenient ordering process. We bumped up our customers and clinical partners satisfaction thanks to Rapidus.”


The operations at Rapidus are run with the customer in mind, guaranteeing you the highest level of service. Below are some of the advantages:

● Drivers are dispatched almost immediately after you enter your request. Unlike traditional companies, we get our drivers moving for you within minutes, not hours. This means they pick up the delivery in less than 30 minutes.
● We operate a vast distributed network of professional drivers that is unattainable for any traditional courier. We have thousands of partner-drivers that have passed advanced background checks ready to deliver 24/7. Additionally, we employ HIPAA, TWIC and TSA approved drivers to meet any and all of your courier needs.
● Our driver tracking system provides accurate estimated times of arrival, real-time route tracking, photo and signature capture and an array of alerts and notifications. You will feel well-informed and secure with this modern, real-time tracking system.
● We have a large local delivery range with drivers traveling up to 500 miles one way.
● To meet all of your needs, we provide a large range of services. Whether you need one hour, four hour, same day or rush delivery, we can do it.
● The price you pay will beat traditional courier services by up to 30 percent. And if you are seeing a less expensive option from a competitor, let us know and we will price match.

How it Works

So how do we do it all for a fair price and fast service? Here’s a rundown of how our proven process works:

● To begin, log on to our website or mobile app. You will receive an instant quote after entering in the necessary details for the delivery, such as weight, size, location or additional details for the driver.
● Once a driver accepts your delivery, you will receive an ETA of pickup time and get an alert when they are close by.
● Once the package is picked up, the driver takes a photo for your reference. Additionally, you will be provided with an ETA of the delivery time.
● Throughout the entire process, you can track the driver in real-time on our map. You can also contact the driver directly if needed.
● When the driver nears the drop off location, the tracking system will notify the recipient. For security reasons, they will need to sign for the pickup.
● Once the delivery is complete, your card will be charged and you will receive an emailed receipt.
● The history tab of your Rapidus dashboard keeps records of each delivery for easy reference.

Our Clients

Rapidus works across a range of industries and is proud to deliver exceptional courier service on a weekly basis. Some of the industries we work with include airlines, real estate, design, architecture, medical, construction and electronics. The flexibility and ease of our services make us the perfect partner for any business.

How to Get Started

If you are in need of reliable, fast, fairly priced courier services, Rapidus is the right partner for you. We strive to delight our clients with the highest level of quality at a price point up to 30 percent less than our competitors. If you’re not ready to switch vendors, no problem. Try us as a backup service provider with no strings or risk attached.

Interested in using our courier services? Getting started is simple. Visit our website, download the app or give us a call today and you’re on your way.