Delivery by type of cargo

Cargo Ship Voyage? – Yes , please, for my package! Are there low cost cargo shipping companies?

When individuals search for transportation services they generally mean transportation by car, courier, truck, etc.  There are yet other types of services that are required by individuals and businesses via such types of transportation as cargo ship for goods to be conveyed, generally for commercial gain.

There are quite a few cargo shipping companies that offer such transportation services, however they all lack such features as ability for the sender to view where their package/container is, to contact the person in charge of the package, ability to preview the cost of shipping before any commitment, etc.

For businesses its a No-Brainer: businesses need to cut costs. Rapidus allows this to happen. We reduce the cost of your shipment, while making sure that the package is delivered in a rapid and efficient way.  Best way to track it, is to go online or use our mobile app and check where the package is.

Most of the time when using more traditional shipping companies, clients deal with the large shipping rate. There are also lots of other factors that decide on the cost, especially if its an international shipping.The shipping rates include not only base rates but also extra charges associated with the taxes, different fees for the clearance of the local customs, etc. Usually the final delivery of the package is not included in the fee.

Rapidus, is an online service that allows the users via mobile and web to get an affordable, on demand & convenient delivery service and also includes such features as most services lack.

Rapidus uses both “everyday drivers” network (in our case its the “everyday travelers/cargo ship” network and technology to dispatch requests to them along their existing commute routes, thus minimizing the delivery time of your package en route and maximizing the earnings of those “travelers”.