Delivery services

Delivery Services

Rapidus delivery services are available for residents of California, Colorado, and Washington. Clients love our services due to our competitive prices, professional drivers, and a multitude of options. Below are some of the most popular delivery services that our customers use.

Delivery speeds and prices

Rapidus offers one-hour and rush delivery services at competitive prices. Deliveries typically take less than 3-4 hours. Frequent customers can benefit from the most affordable and competitive pricing.

Delivery size and weight:
The Rapidus driver fleet consists of sedans, SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks. We can delivery light to heavy loads ranging from a stack of envelopes to hundreds of pounds of heavy material.

Special services:
We offer special handling options for fragile and unique items.
Rapidus also provides an insurance option for high-cost items.

Package types that we handle:
Mail, packages and boxes, gifts and baskets, food, luggage, computers and electronics, retail purchases, material samples, documents and paperwork, specimens, lab samples, and blue prints.

Industries that we cater to:
Medical, print, fabrication, semiconductor, retail, real estate, brokerage, transportation, legal, business, high tech, and bioscience.

Our advantages

The services we offer at Rapidus are professional and keep clients satisfied. Below are some of the advantages that we provide:

A large network of professional drivers. We have thousands of partner-drivers that passed advanced background checks and also include TWIC and TSA approved drivers. No traditional delivery service is large enough to provide access to so many individual couriers when you need them.

Competitive prices. Our services cost up to 30% less than competitors and we even offer to beat or match their prices.
Fast pick up times. Our drivers are dispatched in seconds after an order is placed, average pickup times are less than 25 minutes, compared to 2-hour pickup times offered by others, even for rush and direct deliveries.

Package tracking. Our customers can track their packages in real-time throughout the entire delivery process.

24/7 availability. Our delivery partners operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Our wide network provides you with access to drivers who are working where and when you need them.

Customer success. Our customers can contact their delivery driver via email, text, phone call at any given time. For rare cases when a delivery has an exception, we even provide email, text message and live chat customer support.

Large delivery range. Our drivers travel up to 500 miles one way. Most traditional couriers are unable to drive outside of their local service areas.

Full chain of custody. Rapidus provides full visibility and complete chain of custody information for all deliveries that we make, including photos, geo-tracking, geo-stamping, signatures, names, and other additional info. Unlike most other delivery services that are binary and limited in the information that they provide.

Wide range of services. We provide routed, one hour, two hour, four hour, same day, rush, and direct delivery services 24/7 with a variety of additional options. The majority of other delivery services provide only a handful of services.

Why Rapidus is different?

  1. It’s truly on the go: use our mobile app, Web site or AI-powered messaging services that are available via text, smart assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri)
  2. There is no registration is needed: just get our mobile app or go to the Web site, type in pickup and drop-off address, and we instantly provide you with a guaranteed price quote and even an ETA for pickup and delivery.
  3. All you need is a credit card to place your delivery (that is never charged until the delivery is completed to your satisfaction), and for our repeat customers, we offer a direct pay and net-terms payment options.
  4. Our unique and comprehensive partner-drivers rating system: we capture a number of signals, like performance, customer satisfaction and feedback, availability, adherence to the best standards and practices in courier delivery and more – to ensure our customers are always matched with the best courier in the area and for their needs.

How does it work?

Visit our site and provide some basic information.

Download our app or visit and register on our website.

Input delivery details as necessary. Such as your and the delivery receivers contact information pickup address, drop off location, time frames, custom routes, weight, size, package quantity, and a photo of the delivery item, as well as any other additional options and information like special handling, and insurance.

You can even add a private memo or opt in and out of notifications.

Once you submit your order, our system matches with a nearby driver and vehicle that are suitable. Once a driver accepts your order, it’s status changes to “accepted” and you are provided with a pickup ETA.

As soon as the order starts, you are provided with all of your driver’s contact details and are able to track the entire delivery process and receive notifications in real time.

Our driver will alert the delivery receiver upon reaching the drop off location.

Your card is charged once the delivery is complete and a receipt will be issued to you.

Additionally, our customers are provided with up to 20 minutes of free wait time at each stop, and our drivers can even complete a purchase on our behalf and our system will provide you with a receipt copy.

We’re perfect for you if…

You frequently find yourself out of time to drop something off somewhere or pick something up or are in need of special delivery services at competitive prices, then Rapidus is perfect for you. We offer professional deliveries at prices up to 30% less than that of other delivery services and are able to provide custom pricing as well thanks to our modern technology. Additionally, we’ll even price match other delivery services quotes and issue a full refund for your first local delivery if you aren’t left completely satisfied.

How to get started

Using our services is easy and fast. Simply download our app or visit our website to get a price quote or set a delivery order. We are here to help you with your delivery needs at any time of the day or night, we are available 24/7.