Start To Deliver And Earn With Rapidus in California

Hello, California!

Choose Your Business and Your Time. You’re the Boss.

Rapidus delivery marketplace is the leading platform for connecting delivery partners (couriers, messengers, and logistic companies) and local business shippers.

Rapidus is available in California, Colorado, Washington and Texas.

Do you want to earn money for delivering packages?

Make deliveries on your own schedule and increase your income!

How does Rapidus work?

  1. Apply to be a Rapidus delivery driver-partner
  2. The delivery agent (you) opens the Rapidus Driver app
  3. The customer creates a delivery request and provides information about pickup and dropoff locations
  4. The app alerts you about new delivery request
  5. You can see all details about the delivery before accepting, including mileage and price
  6. Click “Accept” and drive to complete delivery while providing the best customer service
  7. Get payment via Paypal or to your bank account
  8. Done! Good job! Check the next delivery (and you can do more than one at the same time!)

How to become a Rapidus driver-partner?

10 Reasons To Be A Rapidus Delivery Agent

  1. No passengers in your car
  2. A simple and easy to use Rapidus Driver app with an intuitive interface
  3. Flexible schedule – pick your own days, hours, locations
  4. Deliver for 30 minutes or for 2 hours – it’s up to you
  5. Instant and weekly payouts to Paypal or bank account
  6. Extra bonuses
  7. 100% reimbursement for a toll bridge
  8. Get full details about delivery before accepting the job
  9. No penalty for skipping delivery requests
  10. Drivers Support 24/7

Easy to apply – click here!

  • Are you 21 years old and older?
  • Own or rent a car with valid registration?
  • Have a valid US driver’s license?
  • Listed as an insured driver?
  • Have high and positive Customer Service skills?

Delivering on the Rapidus marketplace is a great way to make an extra $$

Do you have any questions? Please contact us at [email protected]!

Rapidus Delivery

Is it a full-time job?

Rapidus does not hire drivers. Rapidus is marketplace that connects delivery businesses owners (couriers and courier companies, transportation companies, independent contractors, local shippers, etc) with local business shippers.

If you are a delivery professional and would like to use Rapidus to receive delivery requests to provide your service, please apply.

Are you available in… ?

Rapidus is available *everywhere* in California, Colorado, Washington and Texas, with pilot programs in Florida and Georgia states.

How long does it take to get an application approved?

Typically it takes between 2 to 5 business days.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact [email protected]

Do you provide a car?

Rapidus can only provide a lead generation service to connect you with local delivery customers.

We do not provide vehicles, services or any related products at this moment.

Can I work on deliveries outside of my “home” area?

You are more than welcome to work on *any* Rapidus deliveries outside of our “base” territory.

How long has your company been on the market?

Rapidus was originally founded in 2015 operating in San Francisco Bay Area only and has been in business since then.

Currently we cover 4 states (California, Colorado, Denver and Washington) and planning expansion nationwide.

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