How The Wrong Drivers Can Ruin Your Business

There was once a successful entrepreneur who was able to build his business from nothing. He had managed to become a fashion stylist even though the fashion world had tried to blackball him because he wasn’t “one of them”. Regardless, his business grew every year. He donated to charities, continued to garner headlines, and he mingled with many other businessmen and businesswomen like him. 

He worked hard, and was proud of the fact that he had scaled his business from the ground up.

He began to use a courier service for some of his more high-profile clients that he kept in touch with on a personal level. His courier service was recommended by another executive in the business and everything was going smoothly. His business continued to grow, and he was happy with where things were headed.

However, one day; the courier service botched several deliveries. There were many socialites and celebrities upset with the CEO, because he had given him their word that their clothes would be ready for a high-profile gala. 

Where were their clothes?

Why weren’t they on time?

He didn’t have any answers for them. He had clearly trusted the wrong courier service.

When it came time for the courier service to accept responsibility – they refused and stated that there was nothing that they can do. They didn’t offer any real explanations or answers and didn’t seem to care whether he used their services again. This one decision cost the entrepreneur some of his most important clients, and his business was never the same.

He wondered why there wasn’t a better way. Surely, technology should make deliveries easier than ever. 

What had gone wrong? Did this courier service vet the drivers properly? Were the drivers distracted, or had they wasted time doing something else? Was he sabotaged by the courier service? Why was there no real transparency or accountability in the process? Why couldn’t the drivers explain where they were, and at what time? Was it a communication issue? 

What if this were you?

You might end up with more questions than answers, and hiring the wrong courier service can truly prove to be a horrible business decision.

You may not be this person, but there are many people that have been this man at one point in time or another. They may have trusted courier service to handle their products, without truly understanding what they are also trusting them with their consumers, which can affect the reputation of their brand. The drivers acted in a way that made the customers look elsewhere, and a competing business ended up benefiting from the experience.

It might seem like a simple decision – and to be fair, it should be. Rapidus can make it more simple than ever. While there are many courier services that employ drivers that simply don’t live up to our standards of professionalism and courtesy, Rapidus only chooses the best. In fact, our platform automatically matches you with the driver closest to you with the BEST RATING. 

We appreciate your business and understand the importance of making sure the customer is satisfied and informed.

Rapidus isn’t here to hire those who simply are looking for a way to income. Often times, deliveries are made by people who clearly don’t appreciate the customer the way that they should. In fact, 28% of delivery workers have actually admitted to eating a customer’s food at one point or another.

Of course, you’ve probably had experiences where the issues were obvious. The driver may have forgotten some of your food, and there’s no real recourse when it comes to getting what you actually ordered. The food might have gotten shaken up during the delivery, or it might have gotten delivered so late that you don’t even want to eat it anymore.

This isn’t acceptable at Rapidus. We pride ourselves on offering up drivers that go above and beyond, which is how we strengthen relationships with our clients and continue to grow with businesses. 

Rapidus drivers are professional, courteous, and act as independent contractors. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition, where courier services might hire anyone who walks through the door. This simply isn’t sustainable if you truly care about your company’s reputation.

Our drivers accept delivery requests, you receive all of the information necessary, and we boast an average delivery pickup time of only 26 minutes! There are plenty of courier services that are eager to take your money but don’t want to actually provide exceptional service.

Rapidus believes in hiring the most professional and capable drivers possible and providing a seamless and integrated platform to make things easier for clients than ever before.

This doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be frustrating.

You can be informed and IN THE LOOP with Rapidus, instead of relying on a fly-by-night service that could care less about you, your company, or your customers.

You shouldn’t need to contact a courier service to make sure that they are doing their job – Rapidus drivers know what their job is, and are happy to complete it on time with a smile!

Rapidus isn’t just about the BEST SERVICE, either, it’s also about the BEST PRICE! 

Did you know that Rapidus actually offers a PRICE GUARANTEE? We aren’t just serious about hiring the best drivers, we want them to be cheaper for our clients than ever before. It’s no surprise that Rapidus is gaining clients in Colorado and California left and right, thanks to these selling points.

We often offer quotes that are up to 30% more affordable than the competition!

Rapidus doesn’t like knowing that there are courier services out there that charge extra fees just to make an extra buck. It’s already tough enough to be an entrepreneur these days, and these unexpected surprises are not honorable or acceptable. That’s why we offer the obvious alternative, and we are sure that you will find our service more reliable and professional than any other courier service that you have ever used.