Marketing Lead

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As our first marketing hire, you’ll be a core part of the team. You’ll take full ownership of demand generation, content marketing, and marketing partnerships. This is an opportunity to have a huge impact on the trajectory of the company.

We’re looking for a talented marketing generalist to play a key role in Rapidus success. The ideal candidate will have the creativity, the focus, ability to execute and to critically evaluate own progress.


  • Content marketing
  • SEM
  • Social ads
  • Display ads
  • SEO
  • Multi channel (email/push/mobile) experience
  • Analytics
  • User & market research
  • Copywriting
  • Positioning
  • Marketing automation
  • Onboarding & landing page optimization
  • Engagement, acquisition, conversion, retention
  • CAC, LTV, CTR, CPC, CPM, CRM, etc: you know it all


  • Own Marketing and Branding for Rapidus: create the plan and execute
  • Experiments: we love experiments with demand generation.
  • Analytics & insights
  • Content: blog posts, customers success stories, guides, slides, presentations, videos, promotions
  • Channels: all and any
  • Networking & spokesperson
  • Internal communications & event management
  • Growth hacking
  • Develop compelling copy that drives people to act

Yes, we are looking for a T-Shaped marketer.

Why us?

  • Being the first marketing hire at a rapidly growing, early stage company
  • Grow with the company: learn by doing
  • Balancing an array of ongoing marketing programs with varying goals
  • Working within a culture that emphasizes quantifiable results
  • Opportunity to grow into an executive role
  • Financial success

How to apply?

  • Do your homework. Research and understand what we do and what are we going after.
  • Tell us what is working great and what sucks
  • Give us an opportunity to learn more about who you are with a brief intro/cover letter
  • Please be specific about what you do not know in the list of skills above. Nobody knows everything. It’s about knowing what you do not know.

To apply for this job email your details to