Fast account switching


I’m happy to announce a new feature to our business dashboard, that allows fast account switching. If you (as some of our customers) have multiple accounts, teams, projects that require different environments, ie. address books, payment options, contacts and history – you know can use a functionality to switch between different account contexts without logging out and logging back in. 

Once you get this functionality enabled (please contact our Customer Support), you right-top dashboard link will have a drop-down showing all your linked accounts there. Clicking on any of them will switch you automatically. 

See below – the top white one shows your current account, and the one under it shows another account that you can switch into.

Thanks and please send us your feedback!

Clients Say Rapidus Courier Has It All


Is it not embarrassing to get a bad courier delivery service, when you are hoping for the best?

Rapidus conquered all odds and came up with what clients can rely on and vouch for.

An average courier client would expect services to be rendered to him smoothly, but the reverse has been the case. Clients of courier services over the years have been faced with some seemingly unending challenges.  A scenario where one could fully rely on one’s courier service deliverer has been a rare one, they always had to wait for pickup and drop-off, and they would always call the customer care department of a courier service, asking to know what the status of their delivery was or when it would arrive. These have always been a hindrance to client’s smooth operation. Even the acclaimed courier professionals could not proffer and possibly implement an apt solution to ensure awesome delivery to their clients. Some courier companies had to wait till their truck gets completely filled with orders, and this consequently caused delay. Courier clients were confronted with so many challenges which affected most of their schedules and caused disappointments. They were going through unfulfilled promises, parcels did not land in safe hands, and most times parcels were mishandled. They sought for courier services that could offer professional services in ensuring that the clients are pleased when it comes to delivery but finding the best was quite a task.

The search

These clients thought of a way forward, since they could not stand those any more. After much contemplation they resolved to take a new step different from what they have been doing hoping to get a better and positive result. As the search continued, things worked c contrary to their plans initially. Most clients dropped their then courier service providers and sought for a more competent and reliable courier service provider who could get their needs related to courier solved by proffering possible solutions and consequently implementing them to yield positive results. They went for Post mates who could not get their demands reached because these set of courier service providers could only offer pickup and drop-off from areas they already listed as stores or assistance with purchasing of items. Very consumer and retail oriented, this was not what the clients needed. They had to extend their search and went for Deliv, Deliv was very pushy for volume, not available for ad-hoc on-demand requests, very limited in zones of operation, this was way far from the utmost needs of the clients. Since the aforementioned two courier service providers could not provide the needed, they went for UberRush hoping to get the best, probably that would mean an end to the seemingly unending search. UberRush is not traditionally available for ad-hoc on-demand requests, and has been described as quite consumer/grocery/retail/food-oriented. Unfortunately, clients needed more than this, so what could be their fate? Hopefully, the search continues since they are yet to get the desired.

The Rapidus Courier

The discovery of Rapidus, a world class professional courier service delivery gave a halt to the search for competent courier service provider, Rapidus offered the best of all worlds. Hundreds of drivers, 24/7 availability, fill visibility in the app, complete electronic versions of scanned documents, receipts, signature, willing to wait and always professional, willing to drive hundreds and thousands of miles, if so needed. Different types of vehicles are available at the touch of a button. It can never get better than this, Rapidus despised all odds and came up with what clients can now rely on and vouch for. “Rapidus has been a good courier partner for waiter .com. Rapidus has been responsive to our needs, provided good couriers and handled complex delivery with ease” – “We’re extremely impressed with the professionalism and helpfulness of Rapidus couriers. Marble City company and our vendors are very happy with discovering Rapidus that is always easy to access, convenient, and responsive”new age” courier delivery service”. Clients attest to Rapidus, declaring it world class courier delivery service provider, yes! No doubt.

Rapidus is characterized by convenience and visibility, competent drivers, ensures you have peace of mind, Uber competitive price, and works as a matter of urgency. At Rapidus, we got you covered; we offer unique services which other service providers cannot offer.

Rapidus are cheaper than traditional service by 20-30%+, excellent availability, anywhere in California, 24/7, offer scheduled deliveries, planning in advance and extremely competitive for medium and large deliveries – sometimes it’s comparably cheaper to order local rush delivery via Rapidus than pay UPS or Fedex for the same delivery next day, pack it, drive to the office for drop-off and have no guarantee of delivery windows. You can always go for our unique services anytime, because we are poised to give the best courier delivery service has to offer.

Delivery route optimization: you tell us where to go, we plan the route for you


I’m happy to announce launch of new  delivery route optimization feature. Schedule deliveries and pickups involving multiple stops in seconds with the help of our premier route optimization solution.

This functionality is engaged automatically every time when you need to send a delivery (or multiple deliveries) other than “single pickup – single dropoff” scenario. What we do is we take all points that you’ve provided, and run an optimization calculation to find the one that is the most economically effective to you.

No more guesswork for our “bulk shippers” (delivery route optimization was originally requested by our business customers in food, household & flowers delivery). As you can see on a example below, savings can be as high as 35% (of our already low prices) and even more.

Delivery Route Optimization by Rapidus

Of course, there are times when you need to have your delivery route to be followed as provided, and you can always pick an option to stick with original route.

This new delivery route optimization feature paves the way to our (yet private) offering of an option for even more affordable delivery.

Please try it and tell us what do you think.

P.S. By the way, did you know that you can drag and drop stops/destination points in the left menu, and the route will automatically adjust to the new setting (reflecting the price, too)?

Schedule delivery in advance. Anyday, anytime.


Home many times did you plan to do something, but then forgot? We too. No more. Be a part of the plan – and start with customizing your delivery times and dates, and schedule delivery.

We are happy to announce that now you can schedule your delivery request for any day and time you wish. Have peace of mind, it will not get slipped through the cracks.

By default, every delivery is rush. For right now. Immediately.

schedule your delivery 1

It does not always match your planning process. Now you are free to change that.

One option is day of the pickup. Another is pickup time. You can schedule your delivery request for the same day, or any other day (many many days in advance). Time is either anytime, or set by you, as well.

schedule your delivery 2

Our system immediately accepts your request (you will get confirmation email). And once we get closer to the scheduled time, we’ll send it to hundreds of our driver partners in your area.

Easy and convenient. You can always visit your deliveries dashboard and see current state of your request. It reflects current location and status of your delivery in real-time.

Sounds like a plan? So please schedule your next delivery with Rapidus. Any questions? Contact us any time.

P.S. Uber still struggles to get the head around scheduled passengers pickups. This gotta be rocket science that we nailed. 🙂

Rush Delivery Calculator


No more guesswork – check out our delivery price calculator!

When your business or customers are waiting, you do not want to be a bottleneck (and often delivery price is not an issue). You can get as many deliveries on the road as you need. As fast as you need them. Same-day or 1-hour.

Rapidus average time to accept your delivery is less than 7 minutes… 

So, say you need something delivered, one-hour or same-day, but you are contemplating about the cost and other alternatives. Think no more. Instant price calculator of rush delivery by Rapidus. Even more, we’ll even compare it to the cost of driving delivery yourself, in case you want to save a few bucks…

Cool, right? Also, keep in mind that we have dynamic pricing. As new drivers sign up, we have more routes to go, thus make delivery more cost and time effective.

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Pharmacy Delivery (For Less)


Rapidus offers pharmacy delivery now!

Our drivers can pickup and deliver prescriptions (Rx Delivery) in one-hour or same-day from majority of pharmacies, like Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, Safeway, Ralphs, Rite Aid and others.

How to request delivery of your prescription?

  1. Make sure your pharmacy has your prescription. (Sorry, we can’t get you a prescription. Our drivers are unlikely to be doctors. 🙂
  2. Call or ask pharmacy to have your prescription filled. When it’s ready, go for Rapidus to request delivery.
  3. Provide patient’s full name, current address, phone number and date of birth in notes & instructions to driver. It’s important, as pharmacist will ask for this information for pickup.
  4. Depending on how much your prescription costs, select an appropriate Payment option – this will define how much driver will be authorized to pay at the counter. (This is important, as our driver will not be able to pay unless you select this option during checkout. It may end up in “attempted” delivery, and we will have to charge you for it.)
  5. Request delivery!

Once your delivery is accepted, you will be given an ETA (estimate time to arrival) for driver’s arrival at pharmacy. Driver will arrive at pharmacy, request prescription, pay for it (if required – the receipt will be instantly made available to you) and deliver to the location of your choice.


Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.15.23 AM

Easy! You may request pharmacy prescription delivery for you, your family, elderly parents, or even your pets!

As always, we are committed to provide exceptional 1-hour or same-day delivery service. Real-time tracking, on-demand and very affordable. Get an instant quote for pharmacy prescription delivery online or get Rapidus app from App Store.

Deliver anything (and fresh sushi delivery, too)


Looking for a delivery from your favorite place on the Peninsula, like Amami Sushi, YuzuSAKAE Sushi, Inshou or any other?

Rapidus will deliver it for you *fresh*, even if the place doesn’t have a Web site, order online page or delivery service.

4 Easy Steps

  1. Pickup the phone and call your favorite hidden gem, order and pay over the phone (and you will also get access to items hidden from menu or catalogs of third-party delivery apps)
  2. Tell the waiter that you will send your driver to pick it up (yes, Rapidus is *your* driver to run your errands)
  3. That’s it!  Go ahead and request delivery with Rapidus app (get on App Store) or online.
  4. In the comments for pickup put your name, order number or amount charged, so the waiter knows which order to give to your driver

Request delivery!

Rapidus Wins It Every Time

  1. You pay the price it really costs, not the price some app decided to charge you for it
  2. Don’t become another anonymous order online – keep your relationship with your favorite place, and let them know how your appreciate their work
  3. Your favorite chef serves the food the way *you* like it (good luck trying to custom order via generic delivery apps!)
  4. And we do our best to keep the cost of delivery low (keep an eye for coming announcement!)

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Please contact us!

Rapidus is open to Public Beta for courier delivery!


I’m happy to announce that Rapidus is now officially in a Public Beta phase and offers courier delivery anywhere in San Francisco Bay Area.

There several ways how you may give it a shot:

  1. Rapidus delivery requests can be placed on the Web if you are more of a “desktop” person
  2. Rapidus for Delivery available on App Store as of today. Please download, register and request delivery. Don’t forget to let us know how did you like it!
  3. Our Driver Partners app is also public and live on App Store. Quick note though: only approved partners can log in. So if you are interested in driving for Rapidus, I urge you to fill out the application form.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]. We are here to help.

If you would like just to stop by, say Hi! and meet our team, drop us a line at [email protected]!

Rapidus Partner Drivers Program


We are so excited to share our Rapidus Partner Drivers program!

Our app is almost ready, but we can’t believe that without any effort to advertise we already received more than 70% of the first pool of anticipated requests in Bay Area alone to become Rapidus partner drivers! This is just incredible. We are so lucky and happy to partner up!

We will continue to accept drivers and are looking forward to partner with all qualified individuals. If you are interested to refer a friend or if you would like to join go to

We are working hard to making sure to create this app that will once and for all solve the current problems of overpayment for shipments, underpayment and non-flexibility for drivers, non-transparency and just a common inconvenience for both drivers and clients associated with the process of pick up & delivery.

This is going to be a fun-road of getting to our goal — where best practices and modern technological advances meet in delivery & shipping processes!