Is your car months overdue maintenance service? Don’t loose your warranty…

We deliver your car to and from car service

Planned maintenance? Oil change?

New tires, brakes or quick touch-up job?

We take it from here.

How Does It Work? Just 3 Steps.

Schedule Pickup

We Do The Leg Work

We Bring It Back

Use Rapidus app or Web site to schedule pickup of your vehicle. Drivers are notified immediately and accept request within 15 minutes.Driver arrives at your location, takes your key, makes photos of your vehicle and takes it to the service of your choiceOnce the service is completed, you request your car, and our driver takes it back to location of your choice. As easy as it can be.

Your Time Is So Worth It!

  • Quality time for your work, your family, yourself. We give you time back.
  • Just one-way trip to dealership may take almost 2 hours of your time
  • Peace of mind of always having your vehicle serviced and in reliable condition
  • Our drivers go through comprehensive background check and fully insured

Do You Want A Demo?

Step 1. Pick a place where your vehicle is located at.

Vehicle Pickup Location

Step 2. Select a dealership or a body shop where you want to take your vehicle to.

Select Service Center

Step 3. Select option “Vehicle Delivery”.

Vehicle Delivery Option

This is it! We are on it now!

Rapids Car Delivery. “White glove” delivery of your vehicle to and from service of your choice. 24/7 and all around San Francisco Bay area.