Rapidus Partners With Zapiet for Integrated App Functions

Providing Fastest Way to Empower Shopify Merchants With Local, Professional Delivery Services

Rapidus announced a strategic digital partnership with app designer Zapiet to integrate increased functionality and versatility into local delivery options provided to Shopify customers. Integration with Zapiet allows Rapidus to offer advanced tools and options related to inventory, warehousing, and scheduling, in addition to providing up to 30% cheaper rates by booking local shipping directly through the Zapiet and Rapidus interface. Already synced and available through the Shopify platform, Rapidus is a growing leader of innovative B2B delivery solutions, matching business customers with excess cargo capacity and providing fast, trackable, convenient, and guaranteed 24/7 deliveries across California, Colorado, Washington, Texas, and Illinois.

“We work with merchants who want to own their own customers,” said Olexandr Prokhorenko, CEO of Rapidus. “They do not want to outsource them, remaining at the mercy of content aggregators like Uber or DoorDash. We understand the value of customer loyalty and the relationships that many of our mid-market customers have been building for months or years. What is more important is to enable more sophisticated and advanced use-cases and business scenarios in the e-commerce sector. So Rapidus is partnering with Zapiet, the most advanced store pickup, delivery, and shipping tool for e-commerce platforms, to offer an easy, one-click solution with a professional courier delivery service. We’re taking e-commerce integration to the next level.”

Rapidus: Same-Day Delivery for Shopify Customers

The innovative Rapidus platform connects business shippers with professional courier delivery partners and offers free instant quotes and complete price transparency with no hidden surcharges, very short pickup times, reliability, and unbeatable driver availability. Rapidus beats any rate from any traditional courier vendor or gig-delivery service, with many more drivers to choose from: leveraging a pool of 5,000+ professional couriers. Rapidus routinely provides advanced technological services and full transparency, full chain-of-custody with real-time tracking, photos, and signatures. These services are all provided at no cost to end-customers, along with ETAs, easy-access on the web or mobile app, full integration with software, APIs, EDIs, and file uploads (CSV, Excel). And custom pricing can match any delivery need, volume, or frequency.

“Earlier last year, we announced that Rapidus became a Shopify partner in providing local delivery service for e-commerce merchants who were looking for fast, affordable and low-touch approaches with the highest end-customer satisfaction rate,” said Prokhorenko. “In the last 12 months, we’ve stepped up the game. Specifically, we’re responding to the needs of a mid-market that values branding and white-labeling services. Our customers cannot, nor would they tolerate unprofessional gig-approaches to delivery. They value a streamlined, deeply professional service. And that’s exactly what we provide – deeply enhanced with the versatility and ease of Zapiet’s unique software.”

Previously available only for large-scale enterprise businesses, Rapidus continues to focus on the mid-sector and SMB by providing a competitive advantage of fast, flexible, and cost-effective local delivery to end-customers at competitive prices. Over 91% of Rapidus’ business customers describe Rapidus as the best solution to their delivery problem, with the best customer experience.