Popular Local Delivery Service ‘Rapidus’ Partners with Shopify to Launch New Services for Shopify Merchants – Instant Quotes and Guaranteed Delivery Service

One-hour and same-day delivery marketplace for businesses, Rapidus (https://www.rapidus.com/), recently announced a beneficial partnership with Shopify that includes the convenient last-mile delivery-solutions app for use by Shopify business. Rapidus is a leader of innovative B2B delivery solutions, matching business customers with professional delivery partners and providing fast, trackable, convenient, and guaranteed deliveries across California, Colorado, Washington, and Texas, with growing areas in Georgia, Florida, and Oregon. Rapidus provides one-hour and same-day, last-mile delivery for a wide variety of industries and already has a strong footprint with many mid-market companies.

“We’re excited and happy to announce our mutual partnership with Shopify,” said Rapidus CEO, Olexandr Prokhorenko. “It makes perfect sense, considering the strong e-commerce demand lately for professional and cost-effective local delivery services – which has always been our specialty. Our delivery service will complement the flexible and scalable online selling store experience of Shopify merchants.  We’ve been steadily expanding and widening our service area, by adding to a growing and varied stable of trusted delivery providers who can offer their professional services at a much more competitive rate than traditional courier services.”

Rapidus: Proven Local Delivery Advantages

The Rapidus app (that is available for free from Shopify App Store at https://apps.shopify.com/same-day-local-delivery) has been integrated and scaled to work directly with Spotify merchant customers, offering the same advantages enjoyed by Rapidus’s current users: a large choice of highly trained, professional and multi-agency certified delivery partners, transparency, and a low-priced, seamless experience. Other advantages of Rapidus Spotify integration include:

  1. Dynamically configures warehouse locations and predefines work days, hours, and holidays in advance.
  2. Offers a flexible choice of delivery services, with custom pickup and delivery time slots adjusted to specific business requirements.
  3. Provides instant quotes in the cart and from the store dashboard.
  4. Automated delivery placement during the fulfillment process; advanced notifications via text messages and emails, as desired.
  5. Real-time tracking, current ETAs, and a full chain-of-custody including signatures, photos, geo-tagging, and more.

Rapidus local delivery services are provided for Shopify merchants with no contracts or subscription fees and charged on an on-demand basis. Rapidus currently works with and is trusted by over 6,000 businesses: high-tech industries, major airlines, medical and bioscience companies, construction, printing, legal, food, engineering, retail, warehousing, manufacturing, and more.

About Rapidus

Launched in 2016, Rapidus was founded to challenge the business delivery status quo with innovation and unmatched focus on customers. Offering a vast network of everyday delivery partners with unused cargo capacity, Rapidus matches those to customers to who need delivery services in its growing, multi-state service area. Connected via technology with local and global destinations, drivers within targeted neighborhoods continuously recycle unused ground and air transport capacities to establish solid, reliable deliveries anywhere in the service area – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rapidus delivery marketplace offers a low cost of carrier switching with a greater choice of delivery agents, complete visibility at every step of a supply chain, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and seamless experience.

Media Contact

Olexandr Prokhorenko, CEO
Rapidus Inc.
[email protected]