Reliable Drivers Make All The Difference

When it comes to scaling a business, many entrepreneurs find that there are so many moving parts that they didn’t really consider when they first had the idea or spark for their business. For example, individuals might realize that the wrong marketing campaign or adding the wrong features to their platform might affect customer retention, which affects revenue, which affects whether a business can truly survive or not. 

That’s why it’s extremely important to find the right partners to choose when it comes to business. If you are trying to cut costs for customer service, and decide to outsource certain processes – you have to make sure that you aren’t compromising when it comes to quality and service. After all, there is evidence that suggests that customer service might be the determining factor as to whether a company is actually recommended to other people.

Rapidus understands that entrepreneurs have their own issues to deal with when it comes to scaling their business. While there are plenty of courier services out there, many of them simply don’t have the dedication and expertise to meet your customer’s expectations. Luckily, Rapidus is here to help. We offer PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS that know what they are doing, which makes all the difference.



We have all been in a situation where we have waited longer than we had hoped for a package. In fact, you may have had to cancel a meeting with a friend or a professional phone call to make sure that you were there to accept the package. It certainly isn’t a good feeling, knowing that a business could not keep its word. After all, we often order packages to be delivered to SAVE TIME – so it can create a very negative customer experience when it arrives late, or when there are other issues with the delivery.


Your business is constantly trying to attract new customers while retaining existing ones, which means that you have to prove yourself to be extremely reliable and cater to their needs and desires. One of the real advantages of Rapidus is that we are so transparent when it comes to the chain of custody, so you will never be worried about where your package is or what your drivers are doing.

Rapidus boasts over 10,000+ verified drivers that are focused and determined on making sure that your business is able to reach its customers. In fact, the entire process is streamlined, because Rapidus connects you to the HIGHEST RATED DRIVER that is CLOSEST TO YOU, as soon as possible. In fact, you can even view the full history of all deliveries of a certain account, complete with driver ratings, as well. 


Business owners are always looking for the simplest solution that makes the most sense. The last thing that any entrepreneur wants to deal with is realizing that after all their hard work, a courier service has damaged an expensive package that was supposed to be delivered to a customer. It’s not just about one mistake – this actually has real consequences for your company.

  • Trust Is Lost: The customer no longer believes any “guarantee” of yours, now that they have received a package that has been damaged. This often takes a tremendous amount of time and money to rectify, and businesses often have to offer something in return just to regain trust in the consumer.
  • Profit Is Lost: A negative customer experience is not just about a bad review, or word spreading about your reputation. It also means that actual money is lost in the transaction and that your company will have to adjust to make sure that their bottom line is intact.
  • Employee Morale: Oftentimes, situations like this also lead your employees to question whether they should work for an organization where customers are more appreciated. While one incident certainly might not lead to an employee leaving, a repeated lack of respect for the customer can take its toll on overall morale.

We understand that businesses want to maintain a certain PEACE OF MIND when it comes to their operations. Our drivers are extremely professional, and a tracking number is submitted as soon as a delivery request is made. In fact, to ensure maximum safety, the driver’s information (including their photo and name) is provided, as well. As if all of this wasn’t enough, REAL-TIME TRACKING can help you feel better about knowing that your customers will be taken care of.

Imagine that you are excited about the fact that you hired a courier service for a significant amount of deliveries during the weekend. You reached out to the courier service at the last minute, but they respond, and you’re ready to handle the business! However, you find out that the products haven’t been delivered on time.

You reach out to the company, but they don’t respond.

Your customer is calling, furious.

You’re frustrated, and can’t even reach the driver that was supposed to be reliable and professional, but clearly is neither. You paid a courier service to deliver a product that wasn’t delivered, and now you have to repair a relationship with an angry customer.

It’s a story that happens far too often – but Rapidus can make sure that it’s never YOUR story again! We focus on transparency, accountability, and reliability.

NO MORE sketchy courier services.

NO MORE excess fees and ridiculous prices: our PRICE GUARANTEE takes care of that!

NO MORE questions: real-time tracking and notifications.

You can finally deal with a company that has the answers that you need. If you found a lower price? Great – we’ll beat it. If you need to know more about your driver? The information is available. Need to check up on logistics? Real-time tracking can help. Rapidus has tailored itself to make sure that it can answer all of your questions at any time, and can get your products where they need to go, even during an EMERGENCY situation.

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful (and richest) people in the world. Here’s a quote from him:

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” 

This is a man that truly understands the value of a company’s reputation. Why should you waste your time dealing with drivers that don’t understand how to be professional and courteous? Rapidus even offers the price guarantee, so trying to “cut costs” isn’t even a valid excuse! Rapidus is MORE PROFESSIONAL and COSTS LESS!

If you want to keep your customers happy, you need professional drivers that understand how to deliver, time and time again. Our intuitive platform makes it easier for business owners to make sure that everything is handled, the way it should be – the FIRST time.