Rush Delivery Calculator

No more guesswork – check out our delivery price calculator!

When your business or customers are waiting, you do not want to be a bottleneck (and often delivery price is not an issue). You can get as many deliveries on the road as you need. As fast as you need them. Same-day or 1-hour.

Rapidus average time to accept your delivery is less than 7 minutes… 

So, say you need something delivered, one-hour or same-day, but you are contemplating about the cost and other alternatives. Think no more. Instant price calculator of rush delivery by Rapidus. Even more, we’ll even compare it to the cost of driving delivery yourself, in case you want to save a few bucks…

Cool, right? Also, keep in mind that we have dynamic pricing. As new drivers sign up, we have more routes to go, thus make delivery more cost and time effective.

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