Schedule delivery in advance. Anyday, anytime.

Home many times did you plan to do something, but then forgot? We too. No more. Be a part of the plan – and start with customizing your delivery times and dates, and schedule delivery.

We are happy to announce that now you can schedule your delivery request for any day and time you wish. Have peace of mind, it will not get slipped through the cracks.

By default, every delivery is rush. For right now. Immediately.

schedule your delivery 1

It does not always match your planning process. Now you are free to change that.

One option is day of the pickup. Another is pickup time. You can schedule your delivery request for the same day, or any other day (many many days in advance). Time is either anytime, or set by you, as well.

schedule your delivery 2

Our system immediately accepts your request (you will get confirmation email). And once we get closer to the scheduled time, we’ll send it to hundreds of our driver partners in your area.

Easy and convenient. You can always visit your deliveries dashboard and see current state of your request. It reflects current location and status of your delivery in real-time.

Sounds like a plan? So please schedule your next delivery with Rapidus. Any questions? Contact us any time.

P.S. Uber still struggles to get the head around scheduled passengers pickups. This gotta be rocket science that we nailed. 🙂