Benefits of Rapidus On-demand Courier Delivery Services

Rapidus offers on-demand courier delivery services in Northern and Souther California, and Colorado.

We focus on the most important factors for your business:

  • upfront pricing and on-demand availability with flexible scheduling 24/7
  • driver network with virtually limitless coverage
  • professional drivers that are fairly compensated
  • AI-driven logistics that learns from routes and delivery patterns
  • computer-trained routing with automated discounting program that allows you to benefit from “pooled” deliveries
  • advanced driver training to the highest quality of service with strict adherence to all regulatory rules
  • automated and multi-factor driver selection criteria basing on previous deliveries, availability, ratings, etc
  • specialization on the needs of business deliveries
  • identification and bar code scanning
  • multi-factors in tracking and traceability
  • electronic signature is collected for every delivery
  • detailed GPS tracking
  • insurance options
  • detailed and accurate ETA (estimate time to arrival)
  • complex solutions with end-to-end API integration
  • real-time proof of delivery, including emails, text messages, update feeds (Web and mobile) and phone calls
  • advanced dashboard system with invoicing, reporting and complex system integration
  • secure and 24/7 access to all information related to your deliveries
  • opportunity for a fleet replacement and white-labeling solutions
  • complete mobile solution

Contact us to discuss your business needs or just place a trial delivery request now.