Exhibits delivery

Are you a talented artist who is just starting a brilliant career? Do you wonder how can you ship the large paintings to the exhibitions? The answer is simple—utilize professional exhibits delivery service. Shipping oil paintings, bulky sculptures and other kinds of decorative fine art objects can be a really complicated task if you try to do it by yourself.

Courier service by Rapidus will solve all of your problems. When you delegate delivery to Rapidus, you can stop thinking how to ship framed art. Our professional company has all the answers to your questions. Using art shipping boxes and other specific equipment, Rapidus will deliver your paintings and fine art pieces to the exhibition without any trouble. Just download the Rapidus app and request to deliver your order. A driver will pick up your artwork and deliver it to the exhibition hall, gallery or museum.

Moreover, Rapidus is happy to assist you with urgent delivery. If you want to deliver artwork today or even right now, Rapidus will get the job done.