Do you want to surprise your friend or colleague with a beautiful gift? What about a plant? A blossoming plant is a great alternative to a floral bouquet, because it will delight the receiver longer. You can send the elegant calla lilies or blossoming daisies to surprise someone you care about! If you want to wish someone a lot of love and beauty, then choose roses, azaleas or gardenias in blossom. If you wish someone good wealth then you can give a money tree plant.

Plant delivery is a brilliant way to congratulate your relatives and colleagues or during holidays. Courier service will help you transport a plant from the floral shop to the addressee. Do you know who can assist you with pocket-friendly plant delivery in San Francisco? Rapidus is ready to provide you with high quality service and ship any plant you choose! Plant delivery must be handled with great care and Rapidus knows how to do it right! Even the most delicate orchid will be delivered safe and sound as Rapidus guarantees that no leaf will fall down!