Wedding day

A woman’s wedding day is the most special day for any girl! Girls dream about wearing wearing white long dress, bridal veil and garter.  Every girl wants to be the most beautiful lady on their special day.

One of the most important features in a wedding is the bride’s bouquet.   So it is not a surprise that flowers play an important role overall when it comes to wedding decorations.  Flowers are found everywhere; from the tables to the wedding arch. It is said that flower decorations equal to 15-20% of the overall wedding spending! You may not be able to help the cost of flowers but you can choose an inexpensive wedding flower delivery with Rapidus.

Rapidus will pick up flowers at any point of sale and deliver it safe and sound. Flowers are a fragile cargo that should be transported with a care. Choose a wedding bouquet delivery by Rapidus and you can be sure that every flower will be fresh and intact.