Do you live in SF? Do you love SF? You need a SF gift?

If the answer is yes on either of the questions above then the best gift that one can give is a gift that has smth to do with San Francisco….yes, odds are that despite the fog in the city, you are smitten with San Francisco and your friends/family members will be too. Best way to show the pride you experience for SF is to send someone a gift from your favorite city, by your favorite city or with your favorite city.

You can personalize all your gifts with SF streets, maps, sites, historic posters, etc. These are ideal gifts and they are available online, once you start your search. But then the question arises, such as – “How do I send a gift in most efficient way?”

If you want to send a gift within San Francisco (say you are interested in and type in search engine “a gift basket delivery San Francisco “)  you will have a hard time searching for the couriers or delivery companies that allow an instant quote and transparent, easy features right away. Here is what you need to do instead: download the app or use our website. You may wonder what and who we are and here is the answer: we are Rapidus and  we offer lowest cost same day gift delivery San Francisco.

Even if its outside SF, try our services and you will be surprised. We will try to do our best to accommodate your delivery desires.

Are you convinced now? If the answer is “I don’t know” or “No” then just give it another try before totally negating the advice.

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