For Her

Am I missing something today? I know there is something I did, that I shouldn’t have…or I didn’t, that I should have….What’s going on? Why is she a bit colder today?

Oops, its Her Birthday today!

OK – no panic, I can handle it. I just need to chose something really fast online and then make sure that they offer same day delivery gifts for her. Simple! Nope, its not! At least it wasn’t until Rapidus came along.  Last minute birthday gifts for her are not rare.  Most of us, are simply too busy or too forgetful. We also depend on the internet too much. We think that we can postpone the gift choosing and ordering until the day of, and then can make her happy. But it comes with the price and usually its in the cost of the shipping /  delivery.

If you are not there, or if you are not able to meet with her, you can always show her you are thinking of her. She will appreciate it.

With Rapidus, you can deliver the gift at any time (given that there are stores open and offer what you have chosen) – just simply chose the gift, then via app have the driver pick it up and deliver.