For Kids

Its difficult to choose a gift for someone else’s kid so that both the parents and the child are happy.

Especially when you are not close to the person whose kid is having a birthday and you want to be nice and show a gesture of care.

What about when you want to make a nice gift to someone who is having a new baby, however there is no registry? Online orders are the best, because there are always ideas of something neutral (non-offensive, as much as it possible) that can be chosen. However, then there is always a question that rises about delivery and costs associated with the purchase.

On some sites the shipping is free. On others its incorporated into the cost of the gift. There are very limited companies that can offer same day delivery gifts for kids for free. Even if you purchase gift baskets for kids same day delivery is simply impossible if its not associated with higher amount of shipping costs. Especially is it difficult, when you order a gift somewhere in another state. Same day delivery is just not possible.

Many of us delay the responsibility of ordering/purchasing a gift till the last day and then we pay the price of same day delivery. However, we don’t have to.

With companies such as Rapidus, same day delivery gifts for children (or adults, as a matter of speaking) or same day delivery gifts for new baby is simple and easy.

Just find what you are looking for and after installing the app, order the driver to pick the item up and deliver.  If its the last minute, you can always find a store in the area and then have the driver deliver. Most importantly its the lowest cost in the Bay Area that you can find. And as always with the Startups, the representatives want to make you happy so you come back. Thus they work hard to deliver what you order and ship.