Medical service

Treatment of diseases is a hard task but modern medicine makes it easier. New drugs and medical supplies do a great job saving thousands of n lives every day.

Do you know someone being treated for an illness?  Do they need medical transportation services or an emergency medical delivery? If so, use Rapidus as your medical courier!  Rapidus is ready to pick up the needed item from your home and deliver it to the medical institution on the same day.

Are you looking for a company with a affordable medical delivery service? Rapidus is ready to satisfying your needs with high quality courier service! Any kind of medical products will be delivered to your point of destination safe and sound!

Rapidus offers low-cost home medical delivery. You can order the respiratory or bariatric equipment, manual wheelchair or portable oxygen concentrator that will be transported directly to your doorstep. Rapidus can assist you to get any medical supply you need!

Medical transportation by Rapidus also include pharmacy delivery. Whatever you need to be delivered, you will get it on time. Just open the Rapidus app, enter the requested information and Rapidus will be there in a flash!