Sensitive materials delivery

There are many issues that can occur during the delivery of sensitive materials.  If it is mailed or shipped, there is a chance it may be lost during transit.  If you depend on a courier service, you need to trust they will deliver the documents to the correct recipient and respect your privacy by not tampering with the package.  With Rapidus, you can monitor your driver’s every move with the app. Also, upon delivery, Rapidus drivers will always obtain the name and signature of who the package was delivered to.  Use Rapidus and worry no more!  Rapidus will get your package where it needs to go. You can trust Rapidus with the shipping of materials.

How about shipping hazardous materials?  You can trust Rapidus with this task as well!  Shipping hazardous materials is rather sophisticated task.  Improper transportation of various flammable and combustible liquids, corrosive materials and gases can cause a fire or an explosion.  Moreover poisonous and radioactive materials are dangerous to the environment. Rapidus’ experienced drivers guarantee that your hazardous materials will be delivered totally secure.

Open the Rapidus app and request to deliver your order. Let the driver know where he should pick up your hazardous materials and where to transport it. Utilize Rapidus and get high quality delivery service!