Other animals delivery

Do you own an exotic pet? It’s so trendy to have a wild animal at home! Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but many people are happy to take care for tarantulas, snails and even Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Every creature on the earth is worth to be loved, isn’t it?

Are you going to get unusual pet? Do you like reptiles? Water dragons, marginated tortoises, geckos are really cute! Or maybe you are going to buy a snake? If it is your first wild pet, then a ball python or corn snake may interest you. If you’re interested in having a reptil as a pet, be ready to keep frozen rats in your refrigerator.

So if you have intention to become an owner of exotic pet it is time to think about shipping animal. Do you want to drive your car sitting next to poisoned spider or snake? Will you feel comfortable if one of the new pets dislikes your driving style? In reality shipping of live animals is rather complicated task. It is better to delegate this mission to Rapidus.

You can be sure that your pet will travel with comfort and safety. Horse shipping is also within Rapidus competence. Do you want to challenge us? Then ask Rapidus to ship an elephant.