0-5 kg / 0-11lbs

Do you need to transport a tiny package but don’t know how much will it cost? Shipping costs generally depend on the weight of the package so estimating the costs can be a pain.  But with Rapidus’ courier service there is no estimating involved!  Rapidus provides an online calculator that reveals the low and competitive service rates right away.   Rapidus prides itself in providing its customers with effective delivery and affordable prices.

Whether your package is 5 lbs or 10 lbs, a Rapidus’ driver will pick up your package and deliver it wherever you wish. Is your package larger than 10lbs? Rapidus will take care of that too!  Rapidus is ready to assist you with any kind of delivery, so every piece of your package will be handled with care and will reach the point of the destination safe and sound!

Do you want to request a courier service right now? You can utilize Rapidus’ urgent delivery service and get delivery within an hour! Download the Rapidus app and go through a few simple steps. Enter the addresses of the pickup and delivery points, other details of your order, and that is all! Rapidus will take care of the rest!