Do you know that transportation expenditures can be equal to 80% of overall goods’ cost? Shipping goods from one place to another can be really costly so it’s necessary to manage freight delivery
in a more cost-effective manner. Freight rate depends on factors such as size and weight of the cargo, distance of transportation, quality of services and other factors. Moreover, every company establishes its own delivery rate and sometimes, it is overpriced. So what freight forwarder are you going to utilize?

There are so many freight companies to choose from, but Rapidus will be the best choice for your business. Rapidus offers a wide range of transportation services. We will help you with the freight shipping of any size and any type. Rapidus’ drivers are professionals with experience and know how to transport goods safely and effectively. We know what kind of trucks and trailers should be used and what routes should be selected. Rapidus prices are also lower than any other company.

Domestic freight shipping should be affordable for every client and that is why Rapidus establishes fair freight rates. Do you still have any doubts? Use our online calculator to find out the price of your freight delivery before making the order.