What association do you have in mind about “parcel delivery”? Do you imagine long queues in the post office and problems with sending a parcel on the weekends or holidays? The world has changed a lot and today you should not visit a post office any longer! There are so many courier services offered online! Yes, just sitting at home and using the Rapidus app can assist with your parcel delivery service.

Rapidus will assist you with express shipping! A Rapidus’ driver will collect your parcel at your home, office or any other place, and then deliver it to the addressee. Parcel courier will handle your precious cargo with care, so be sure that parcel will reach its destination in immaculate condition!

Do you have any problems with large parcel transportation? Then Rapidus will be really helpful for you. A parcel of any size and weight will be delivered with the help of a specialized service. Send any
package you need via Rapidus and be sure that it will be transported in a proper way.

Do you wonder how much money it will cost you to utilize Rapidus? Use the online calculator to see how much you will pay for a super small or extra-large parcel delivery. Rapidus offers lower prices compared to other transportation companies and the calculator will help you see your savings.