AI-based local deliveries optimization

Rapidus Launches New AI-Powered Service that Optimizes Logistics of Last-Mile Delivery


With a goal to improve logistics of one-hour and same-day local delivery, Rapidus, a leading B2B local delivery marketplace, recently launched an AI-powered service that can predict the future time and location of new deliveries. The new technology helps decrease time to pick up, increasing delivering partners’ density in heavy-demand areas and minimizing the cost of delivery for shippers. It also enables e-commerce businesses and retail distribution centers to benefit from the most cost- and time-effective deliveries, and provides logistics analysis for cost estimates, route planning and distribution optimization for warehouses and hub placements. Rapidus’s AI-powered service is the first to provide such logistics insights to SMB and mid-sector businesses with smaller delivery volumes, who couldn’t benefit from low-cost local deliveries previously, but were forced in to the […]

Rapidus Local Delivery

Where Are The Best New Local Deliveries?


Rapidus launches a new service for delivery partners to find the best location and time to receive more local deliveries requests. We’re using thousands of data points, over 5 years’ worth of history, and information about delivery requests scheduled in advance to show the “heatmap” of time and locations. How To Find New Local Deliveries? First of all, you need to join the Rapidus marketplace – a one-hour and same-day local delivery for businesses – as a delivery partner. Click here to submit your application. Go to Settings You may also go to your Driver’s account, if you are using a computer, by clicking on Select “When and where are the most deliveries?” Type In The Address Select Date And Time Check Out Highlighted Areas We hope […]

3 Things You Need to Know About ‘Last-Mile’ Struggles and Gains


After months of speculation, Uber revealed in July that it had acquired on-demand delivery platform Postmates in a $2.65 billion deal. The news comes as another industry player, same-day delivery service Deliv, winds down operations after an eight-year stint. Deliv, currently in the process of selling technology assets to Target, has raised over $80 million in venture capital funding. The company’s aggressive focus on enterprise deals – $5 deliveries from thousands of retail stores – made cost optimization challenging. Low-priced, high-volume, and low-density delivery commitments can make cost minimization difficult and erode profits. Postmates reached a $2.4 billion valuation last year after raising $225 million in new capital. From being a ‘jack of all trades’, even offering IKEA and DIY product deliveries at one point, the company sharpened […]

Rush Delivery Calculator


No more guesswork – check out our delivery price calculator! When your business or customers are waiting, you do not want to be a bottleneck (and often delivery price is not an issue). You can get as many deliveries on the road as you need. As fast as you need them. Same-day or 1-hour. Rapidus average time to accept your delivery is less than 7 minutes…  So, say you need something delivered, one-hour or same-day, but you are contemplating about the cost and other alternatives. Think no more. Instant price calculator of rush delivery by Rapidus. Even more, we’ll even compare it to the cost of driving delivery yourself, in case you want to save a few bucks… Cool, right? Also, keep in mind that we have dynamic pricing. As […]

Pharmacy Delivery (For Less)


Rapidus offers pharmacy delivery now! Our drivers can pickup and deliver prescriptions (Rx Delivery) in one-hour or same-day from majority of pharmacies, like Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, Safeway, Ralphs, Rite Aid and others. How to request delivery of your prescription? Make sure your pharmacy has your prescription. (Sorry, we can’t get you a prescription. Our drivers are unlikely to be doctors. 🙂 Call or ask pharmacy to have your prescription filled. When it’s ready, go for Rapidus to request delivery. Provide patient’s full name, current address, phone number and date of birth in notes & instructions to driver. It’s important, as pharmacist will ask for this information for pickup. Depending on how much your prescription costs, select an appropriate Payment option – this will define how much driver will be authorized to pay at the counter. […]

Deliver anything (and fresh sushi delivery, too)


Looking for a delivery from your favorite place on the Peninsula, like Amami Sushi, Yuzu, SAKAE Sushi, Inshou or any other? Rapidus will deliver it for you *fresh*, even if the place doesn’t have a Web site, order online page or delivery service. 4 Easy Steps Pickup the phone and call your favorite hidden gem, order and pay over the phone (and you will also get access to items hidden from menu or catalogs of third-party delivery apps) Tell the waiter that you will send your driver to pick it up (yes, Rapidus is *your* driver to run your errands) That’s it!  Go ahead and request delivery with Rapidus app (get on App Store) or online. In the comments for pickup put your name, order number or amount charged, so the waiter knows which order […]