Deliver anything (and fresh sushi delivery, too)


Looking for a delivery from your favorite place on the Peninsula, like Amami Sushi, Yuzu, SAKAE Sushi, Inshou or any other? Rapidus will deliver it for you *fresh*, even if the place doesn’t have a Web site, order online page or delivery service. 4 Easy Steps Pickup the phone and call your favorite hidden gem, order and pay over the phone (and you will also get access to items hidden from menu or catalogs of third-party delivery apps) Tell the waiter that you will send your driver to pick it up (yes, Rapidus is *your* driver to run your errands) That’s it!  Go ahead and request delivery with Rapidus app (get on App Store) or online. In the comments for pickup put your name, order number or amount charged, so the waiter knows which order […]