The Courier Service That Makes Economic Sense

Technology has forever changed the way that human beings think about products and services, and it has helped make life more convenient for people all around the world. Businesses want to reach the consumer quicker than ever. The companies that are able to deliver quicker and more efficiently will undoubtedly gain market share, while businesses who take their time when it comes to the consumer will eventually get lost in the mix.

As a business owner, you might realize that a courier service is an obvious way to grow. However, it’s easy to be skeptical. We know that there are businesses that already deliver as part of their business model, such as pizza restaurants, for example. In this case, the business survives due to the fact that couriers are able to reach customers quickly, are able to supplement their income with tips, and the business recognizes that reaching customers this way will affect their future reputation and growth.

The subscription box model is growing significantly which is also proof that consumers are looking for products and services to be delivered to their front door. After all, it takes time, money, and energy to visit physical retail locations and actually browse the inventory. The Internet allows individuals to browse goods, press a button on a smartphone, and receive the products. 

The fact that Nordstrom, an actual chain of luxury stores in the United States, paid $350 million for Trunk Club in 2014, is proof that the subscription box model is changing the way that consumers purchase their goods. It’s also a testament to the fact that an individual with a crowded personal and professional life might prefer the model because of its convenience and the fact that it saves an immense amount of time. Of course, the fact that Uber Eats has become an important source of revenue for the ride-hailing startup, Uber, is also proof that customers are expecting more from companies with respect to delivery.

Rapidus understands that courier services can help your company scale in a new way and penetrate new markets. One of the reasons that we are gaining traction is because we offer fair pricing for our services, while other companies might be searching for quick profits rather than long-term collaboration. 

We already boast over tens of thousands of drivers, happy to make sure that your business isn’t left hanging when it comes to same-day and 1-hour delivery. We know that business often doesn’t sleep, which is why we are available for you 24/7, at a fair price.

We also understand that your customers expect their delivery quickly without it affecting the price significantly, which is why we work with businesses to make sure that our pricing is fair and reasonable. We also offer a 100% price guarantee which makes business easier and more convenient for our clients than ever!

One of the problems when it comes to pricing is that businesses might want to save money without realizing that they are hiring a courier service that frankly doesn’t know what they are doing. The delivery drivers might not be as reliable as they had hoped, which can affect customer retention and lead to bad reviews that affect their business in the long-term. Your customers might look elsewhere to fulfill their needs.

Rapidus is all about providing local and professional drivers that are consistently reliable so that your business can benefit from our courier service. This also means that we make sure that the pricing is fair enough so we can compensate our drivers while also saving businesses money, and we are transparent with our pricing so that no issues arise down the line.

Rapidus offers rush delivery that is up to 35% cheaper than many other courier services. This is incredible when you realize that Rapidus is even available for situations where delivery is required in one-hour! Rapidus also offers same-day delivery service, as well. 

This is important when you realize that market leaders such as Amazon make it so that customers expect delivers faster and cheaper than ever. In fact, around 60% of shoppers browse for products specifically based on their shipping preferences.

Customers also want convenience without necessarily paying extra, which is why Rapidus and its fair pricing can help drive revenue and growth. In fact, there is an incredible opportunity for companies to take advantage of consumer demand. Specifically, 55% of customers remain interested in two-hour delivery, but 59% attribute high prices as the reason for “delivery dissatisfaction”. 

While it might not seem logical or fair – companies often have to cater to consumers and their demands in order to survive. This puts companies in a position to find a reliable courier service that is also affordable – and luckily, Rapidus is here to help.

Every business has different challenges when it comes to the type of demographic that they are targeting, or what their customers will pay. Rapidus can help ensure that pricing will always be transparent so that you don’t have to second-guess the numbers or spend time analyzing how it will affect your bottom line. Our customers have also praised the fact that the user experience is seamless in addition to our competitive prices. You can schedule deliveries simply with a couple of taps, and the price will be clear up front.

Rapidus: Reliability, Transparency, And Efficiency.

Rapidus isn’t interested in charging you hidden fees. We simply want to make sure that companies can reach the customer as quickly and conveniently as possible. We also believe that our pricing is great for companies that want to build a long-term relationship and understand that other courier services are simply out for a quick profit. We know that there are plenty of companies in industries that are often fighting over thin profit margins, and believe that our service can do a lot in terms of overall customer satisfaction and retention. Contact Rapidus today for more information about our service and rates.