Apple – Instructions for WA Courier Delivery

Please follow the instructions below to install WA Courier app for Apple iOS device.

You need to do this only once and if you do not have WACourier installed, yet.

1. Click the link to download WA Courier app

2. Click Install

3. Please go to Settings –> General –> Device Management (iOS 10) on your device 

Go to Settings
Click on General
Scroll down to Profiles & Device Management

4. Choose “Uncle Bob’s Management LLC” in the ENTERPRISE APP section and select “Trust.”

Choose “Uncle Bob’s Management LLC
Click Trust
5. Open WACourier app on your home screen

Now you have WACourier app installed. Use this app to gain access to the location for pickup and/or dropoff, as instructed in the Rapidus app. 

WA: You may refer to this page for more information. Back to instructions.