Where Are The Best New Local Deliveries?

Rapidus launches a new service for delivery partners to find the best location and time to receive more local deliveries requests.

We’re using thousands of data points, over 5 years’ worth of history, and information about delivery requests scheduled in advance to show the “heatmap” of time and locations.

How To Find New Local Deliveries?

First of all, you need to join the Rapidus marketplace – a one-hour and same-day local delivery for businesses – as a delivery partner. Click here to submit your application.

Go to Settings

You may also go to your Driver’s account, if you are using a computer, by clicking on https://delivery.rapidus.com/driver/account

Select Settings tab in your app or use computer to go to your Driver’s account

Select “When and where are the most deliveries?”

Click on the blue link at the bottom of the screen

Type In The Address

Start typing the address of the location of your interest

Select Date And Time

Choose a day and time from the dropdown menu

Check Out Highlighted Areas

Rapidus Local Deliveries
Highlighted areas will represent the potential location for new local deliveries for the selected day and time period

We hope you will find this useful!

You may use the heat map to compare the demand in different areas around your city and neighborhood. The map displays different color intensities to indicate areas of low and high for deliveries.

Please note: this heat map is not a map of actual deliveries, but a computer-simulated model predicting the likelihood of delivery requests in the certain area. There is neither guarantee the delivery request will actually happen in this area during these hours, nor that the delivery request will be available or assigned to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]